Clean & Comfortable interior

Atlas has one of the most unique interior design ever. This cafe was specially design by a Japanese designer with its fluffy white concept, this cafe brighten up the cafe with a feeling of clean and very comfortable environment.


A "homey" breakfast

A homey feeling while enjoying your breakfast here.

A unique touch

Atlas guarantee to free from stress but instead gives you a calm and soothing feeling. Even the tables and chairs here are specially design to suit this white concept café.

News from around the world

This cafe even feeds the hip magazine from around the world, you could keep yourself updated with news from all over such in different language such as English, Chinese and even Japanese.

Atlas Coffee Embassy coffee

Our signature coffee is created by JH Yee specially for Johorean in Malaysia only. This coffee is created with heart to suit us Johoreans taste bud.


Most influential barista

JH Yee have been crown 3 times champions in year 2010,2011 and 2012 in latte art competition!

3rd place in Malaysia barista competition in year 2010
Barista Champion in year 2011 and in Timeout Kl annual competition. JH Yee was crown the most influential barista in 2013.


Atlas Coffee Embassy

No 32 Jalan Austin Heights 8/7,Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru